Do You Get It?

Today I am going to talk to you about folks that work in the AV world. There are two types of people – – those that GET IT and those that DON’T GET IT.

Do you get it?

If you are one of those geeks that respond to basic AV questions with answers that include reciprocal, quad tangential, sound pressure level in db spl, flux capacitor –  bla bla bla; bla bla – THEN YOU DON’T GET IT.

The more you babble, the more you lose us.  Remember, if you use words like, CAN’T, WON’T, MAYBE, PERHAPS and SOMETIMES while responding to questions – THEN YOU DON’T GET IT.  So please – if you are asked a straightforward question, take a deep breath, cut the techno jargon – – give a straight forward answer!

If and when you can accomplish this – – – then congratulations, YOU GET IT!  And once you GET IT – – – Then you can be WITH US.  Got it? Good.

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